Emergency Procedures

Lockdown basics

The Ministry of Education has revised its provincial lockdown policy for school boards to include even more specific language on the provision of classroom keys: “All staff, including occasional, part-time, or itinerant teachers, must have the ability to lock their classroom doors.” If you have concerns about a faulty door mechanism, the lack of a classroom key, or other issues about lockdown effectiveness report your concerns to the principal. Put your report in writing. It’s the principal’s job to investigate and deal with your report. Tell your steward and your school’s health and safety representative about your concerns. Get in touch with your ETFO local for more support. School security is everyone’s concern.

The revised lockdown policy (Provincial Policy for Developing and Maintaining Lockdown Procedures for Elementary and Secondary Schools in Ontario, 2015) is an important part of the revised Provincial Model for a Local Police/School Board Protocol, 2015 (Model Protocol). 

The Model Protocol (2015) now includes:

  • a new bomb threat policy (Appendix C);
  • strengthened language about threat management
  • a more developed section on School/Police Role in Violence Prevention; and
  • changes to lockdown procedures and training provisions, specifically as they relate to part-time, occasional and itinerant teachers.