2023 ETFO All-Member Violence Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

The closing date of the survey has been extended to allow as many members as possible to participate.


ETFO members now have until 5:00 pm (ET) on Wednesday, March 22 to complete the online survey.

It’s possible that your email provider diverted the survey link to your spam filter or a sub-folder. That is a common occurrence for Gmail, Hotmail and Sympatico accounts. Check your spam filter, junk mail or Social/Promotions folder – the survey link may be there.

Yes! All ETFO members can participate in the online survey process until March 22, even if they haven’t received a survey link. 

If you haven’t received a link, please contact us at ETFOviolencesurvey@etfo.org. In your email:

  • provide your first and last name;
  • if you know it, provide your ETFO Member Number;
  • ask for a link to the violence survey.

The link will be emailed to you by ETFO within 48 hours. (Note: If you include your ETFO Member Number in your email, we’ll be able to process your request more quickly.)

ETFO has been engaged in a Multi-Year Strategy to Address Workplace Violence since 2017. Since returning to in-person learning in 2022, ETFO members have been reporting that violence in schools is a significant concern.

To address violence in schools, it’s important for ETFO to collect information from members about their experiences with the issue. ETFO is collecting this information in two ways:

·         through an online survey available to all members; and

·         through member focus groups, conducted online.

Strategic Communications Inc. (Stratcom) has been retained by ETFO to help us conduct the All-Member Violence Survey.

The results of the All-Member Violence Survey will be used to ensure the public is aware of the scope of the issue. The data will also enable ETFO to advocate for change with the government, and to be specific about the changes required. ETFO members’ response will help identify what support and resources should be provided to ETFO members who are experiencing violence. Completing the survey is important for all members.

The link in your email is unique to you and can only be used once. Please do not forward or share it.

If you have a colleague who is an ETFO member and didn’t receive the email, they should contact ETFOviolencesurvey@etfo.org.

As many ETFO members as possible should complete the survey. Encourage your colleagues to complete the survey, and share ETFO’s communications about the violence survey with other ETFO members.

During the surveying period, ETFO is using a variety of communication methods to ensure all members know about the All-Member Violence Survey:

  • Members will be receiving emails/enewsletters from ETFO and Stratcom with survey information and reminders.
  • Members have received robocalls and will receive a text message from ETFO reminding them about the survey.
  • During the week of February 6, a media release was published by ETFO regarding the All-Member Violence Survey.
  • ETFO is using its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advise members about the survey.
  • ETFO locals have been asked to publicize the survey through their communication channels.
  • Information about the online violence survey has been posted on ETFO’s health and safety website at etfohealthandsafety.ca, as well as on ETFO’s main website at etfo.ca.

The Federation is also encouraging all ETFO members to share our emails/enewsletters and social media posts with as many colleagues as possible to let them know about the survey.

Yes, the online survey process is anonymous. Your answers cannot be linked back to you or to your email address.

If you or a colleague is experiencing violence at school, ensure that you understand your rights, including your right to refuse unsafe work. All violent incidents should be reported through your school board’s online reporting system. Unaddressed hazards in the workplace should be reported to your administrator, and you can get more support from your ETFO steward or health and safety representative.

For more information, visit http://etfohealthandsafety.ca/site/workplace-violence/.

Contact ETFO’s Member Records Department at memberrecords@etfo.org and provide us with your current email address, phone number and mailing address. If possible, include your ETFO number.

You can send your question to ETFOviolencesurvey@etfo.org. You’ll receive a response from ETFO within 48 hours.