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Talking About Workplace Violence, Elementary Podcast, January 2023

Interview: Taking Up the Question of Violence in the Classroom, ETFO Voice, Fall 2018

Addressing Violence in the Workplace, ETFO Voice Online, 2017

When workplace violence happens in schools there is a risk of physical and mental harm to both adults and children. The classroom is disrupted and the whole school community can be affected. Both educators and students can become fearful at the prospect of violence happening again. 

Dealing with Lockdown Concerns, ETFO Voice, Spring 2013

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Violence in the Early Years, ETFO Voice Online, 2018

In many of our Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms violent behaviour is becoming more common. There are a significant number of violent incidents occurring in the classrooms of our youngest elementary school students, with children as young as 3 or 4 causing physical injury to both other students and staff.

Responding to a Violent Incident, ETFO Voice, Fall 2017

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