Electrical Hazards

Don’t get zapped

If a piece of  electrical equipment at your school  doesn’t look safe, it probably isn’t. Electrical hazards can cause serious injuries including burns, unconsciousness and internal damage, or death. We know what these hazards look like:

  • a frayed electrical cord;
  • an overloaded power bar;
  • a damaged ground pin;
  • daisy-chained extension cords; and
  • damaged or poorly repaired electric appliances…. the list is long. 

Any electrical equipment in a school should be provided by the employer, should be in good repair, should meet CSA or comparable standards, and should be checked to confirm it isn’t the subject of a recall.

The electrical equipment at your school must be kept in good condition.  When you see an electrical hazard, don’t wait. Report this hazard right away to your principal. It’s the  principal’s job  to investigate and deal with your report. Tell your steward and your school’s health and safety representative about your concerns. Get in touch with your ETFO local for more support. Once you start looking for electrical hazards, the list can get long in a hurry!