Action on Violence Toolkit

Questions for members concerned about or experiencing violence in the workplace. Including:

    • Notification of Risk (NEW)
    • Risk Assessments/Reassessments (NEW)
    • Safety Plans (NEW)
    • Work Refusals


Violence Work Refusal Checklist

The law gives workers the right to refuse work that they believe is likely to endanger them or another worker. This checklist is designed to help members who are considering a work refusal. It will help members determine if the protections required by law are in place to keep them safe from workplace violence.


A Glossary of Workplace Violence Definitions for ETFO Members

This glossary provides ETFO members with a basic list of definitions related to issues of workplace violence and serious student incidents.


ETFO Action on Violence in Schools brochure

This brochure offers  some handy information about ETFO’s action plan for workplace violence.  There is  some useful information about legal and policy requirements for workplace violence, including your right to be safe at work.  There is a quick summary of  reporting procedures for workplace violence and serious student incidents…including what the principal is supposed to do next. The brochure encourages ETFO members to reach out to their ETFO local, and to ETFO provincial, for further supports.


Download this 11 x 17” poster which summarizes information contained in the above brochure

Wallet Card

Download this wallet card that is a handy reference for members regarding their duty to report workplace violence, the steps they need to know about reporting violent incidents and their right to refuse unsafe work.