ETFO Flowchart for Reporting Workplace Violence and Serious Student Incidents

**For your own records you should keep a copy of all forms being filled out**

If you are involved in a violent incident and/or serious student incident, you are legally required to take one or more of the following steps:

Report violent incidents on your Board’s reporting form for workplace violence
Depending on the circumstances of a violent incident there may be requirements to report the incident to the police
Report accidents, incidents, near misses, and related injuries or illnesses, if any, on your Board’s accident/ incident/injury/illness reporting form
If your accident/incident related injury or illness requires medical attention or time off from work
Report any incident that is a serious student incident on the Safe Schools Incident Reporting (SSIR) Form – Part 1 and submit it to your principal
Your principal is required to provide you with written acknowledgement of receipt via the Safe Schools Incident Reporting (SSIR) Form – Part 2
Submit a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Form 6 and, if required, a WSIB Functional Abilities Form (FAF)
Ensure that the Board provides you with a completed copy of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Form 7
Ensure that the health professional fills out Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Form 8 and provides you with a copy of page 2
If you have experienced physical assault causing bodily harm and require treatment by a medical practitioner there are requirements to report the incident to the police

At any point that you find yourself in need of assistance with reporting procedures or you are being blocked from reporting, contact your ETFO local and/or Professional Relations Services at the provincial office: 416-962-3836 or 1-888-838-3836

You have the legal right to refuse work, or part of your work, if you have reason to believe that workplace violence is likely to endanger you. If you are in danger seek immediate assistance.

Teachers must take into account the safety of students before refusing work. If you are considering a work refusal you should seek the advice of your ETFO local.

More detailed information on the Workplace Violence Reporting Process in School Boards can be found on the Road Map, Appendix H
of Workplace Violence in School Boards: A Guide to the Law  with links to legislation and policy documents.